Gym Reopening Plan

The Shelby County Covid-19 Phased reopening plan calls for gymnastic schools to reopen on May 18, which is the projected beginning of Phase-2 ( Phase-2 is 14 days after the phase-1 reopening date of May 4). Wimbleton is planning to to do a phased reopening of it’s own. We will reopen for Team practices on Monday May 18. Classes will reopen on Tuesday, June 2. We have decided to use this two phase approach (first Team gymnasts and then Class students), out of an abundance of caution in our ability to conduct business according to the Shelby County reopening safety protocols. It should be understood that the Shelby County Phase-2 reopening depends on speculative but positive projections regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. In other words, if the pandemic takes a turn for the worse the above dates will likely be moved further into the future. Let’s all hope for the best and continue “social distancing” including wearing face masks and continuous personal hygiene. There will be several new requirements for gymnasts, parents, and everyone entering and using Wimbleton. The requirements will be posted shortly and are mandatory for the health and safety of everyone. Looking forward to seeing Team members beginning May 18th and Class students beginning June 2nd. Stay safe and stay healthy.