1. All Coaches, Gymnasts, Parents, Siblings two years and older and everyone entering the gym must wear a face mask. Masks must be in place covering mouth and nose before entry. Masks must remain on at all times while inside. Coaches are required to wear gloves while inside the gym.
  2. Gymnasts must bring their own water. We are not allowed to use the water fountains or vending machines for the foreseeable future. A closable container or spill proof bottle is best with gymnasts name on the outside.
  3. Gymnasts and patrons are required to maintain a distance of six feet from others. Tables and chairs may not be moved or repositioned. No parents or siblings on the bleachers. One person at a time in the unisex and boys bathrooms. Two people at a time in the girls bathroom as long as the six feet social distancing is used. Hands must be washed with soap after using the bathroom.
  4. Gymnasts must wash hands or use hand sanitizer before and after each event. Only one gymnast at a time at chalk boxes.
  5. The gym will be sanitized before and after practice.
  6. For the foreseeable future, there will be no open practices.
  7. Gymnasts and patrons temperatures will be checked and recorded upon gym entry. If forehead temperature is above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, they will not be allowed to continue. Anyone that is sneezing or coughing with cold or flu-like symptoms, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, have a fever in the last 48 hours  should not come to gym. If symptoms occur after arrival, parents will be called to take them home.
  8. Because “Purposeful groups” of 50 or more are not permitted, we ask that parents drop off and pick-up their child on time to minimize the total number in the gym. There is a very nice park next door if you have to stay.
  9. It is better for maintaining Covid-19 protocols through non-cash payments.   

As we prepare to reopen on a limited basis May 18th for team practices please keep this in mind:

This is not going back to where we were. This is going forward to a new reality until we have a vaccine. Recognition of this new reality and implementation of these requirements are critically important in order to keep everyone safe at the gym.

Gym Reopening Plan

The Shelby County Covid-19 Phased reopening plan calls for gymnastic schools to reopen on May 18, which is the projected beginning of Phase-2 ( Phase-2 is 14 days after the phase-1 reopening date of May 4). Wimbleton is planning to to do a phased reopening of it’s own. We will reopen for Team practices on Monday May 18. Classes will reopen on Tuesday, June 2. We have decided to use this two phase approach (first Team gymnasts and then Class students), out of an abundance of caution in our ability to conduct business according to the Shelby County reopening safety protocols. It should be understood that the Shelby County Phase-2 reopening depends on speculative but positive projections regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. In other words, if the pandemic takes a turn for the worse the above dates will likely be moved further into the future. Let’s all hope for the best and continue “social distancing” including wearing face masks and continuous personal hygiene. There will be several new requirements for gymnasts, parents, and everyone entering and using Wimbleton. The requirements will be posted shortly and are mandatory for the health and safety of everyone. Looking forward to seeing Team members beginning May 18th and Class students beginning June 2nd. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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Coronavirus Update

Due to the evolving Coronavirus Pandemic and National Social Distancing Directives, Wimbleton Gymnastics will continue to suspend all classes and team practices for April. At this time we are hoping to resume classes and team practices on Monday, May 4th. Thank you for your understanding in this time of National Emergency.

Stay safe!

Check out Coach Murphy in his cute mask, made by our very talented Mrs. Murphy! 😷 Remember, when you have to go out, be safe! Wearing a mask can help you from spreading germs. And of course, WASH YOUR HANDS! We miss you all and hope you all stay safe!

Coronavirus information

Due to the evolving Coronavirus situation, Wimbleton Gymnastics has temporarily suspended all classes and team practices for the remainder of March. At this time we plan to resume classes and team practices on Wednesday, April 1st. Please check with the office when we resume operations regarding tuition credits. Thank you for your understanding in this time of national emergency.

Sad news

Dec. 4, 2019

To all Wimbleton Gymnastics Team members, students, coaches and parents:

On Monday, Dec. 2, Terry Akers our office manager, dedicated employee of thirty years, former Booster Club officer, Girls Team parent and longtime friend unexpectedly passed away. At this time of grief and mourning we will continue to conduct the regular services of the gym as best we can.  Please keep Terry and her family in your thoughts and prayers. We will forward funeral arrangements according to the wishes of her family as they become available. As of today, we do not have any information.

Thank you for your kindness, understanding and sympathy.

                                                                               Coach Murphy

Holiday class schedule 2019

There will be NO CLASSES from Dec. 23rd – Jan. 3rd. Regular class schedule resumes Saturday, Jan. 4th. Make-up class for December will be on Friday, December 20th, at 6 PM for all levels. Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving 2019

We will be closed on Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 28th. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!